Machinery Sales

  • 28ft PF Trailer

    28ft PF Trailer

    PF LOW LOADER  2020 Oil & air brakes Load sensing…

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  • Bailey silage trailers

    Bailey silage trailers

    Bailey 18ft silage trailers Choice of 3 2019 Air +…

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  • JCB 320s

    JCB 320s

    JCB 320s 66 plate 40kph air con air seat 2020…

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  • JPM low loader

    JPM low loader

    JPM low loader 2011 Oil & air brakes 10 stud…

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  • NC 314 dump trailer

    NC 314 dump trailer

    NC 314 Choice 2018/2019 LED lights Front head board Sprung…

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  • Pallet forks

    Pallet forks

    Pin and cone pallet forks 07/2016 little use in good…

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  • Weight blocks

    Weight blocks

    JD weight block  choice of new and used weight blocks…

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  • Twin Bale cradle

    Twin Bale cradle

    Good condition £300

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